Wetherspoons Wedding

When I heard that this couple were getting married in a Wetherspoons, I was intrigued. A Wetherspoons pub? Are you sure? I was immediately thinking of sticky carpets and cheap beer. However... I was wrong.

The Knights Templar Wetherspoons in London's Chancery Lane is a pretty spectacular building. It is a former Union Bank, and takes its name from the order of Warrior Knights across whose land Chancery Lane was built in the 12th century.

Inside, you will find a long and impressive bar. There are pillars from the floor to the high ceilings. There is art and statues - even in the loos! In fact the loos deserve their own mention as they are pretty remarkable! There are statues and what looks like an altar as a sink!

Outside, the pub looks like what I would call a traditional London building. It's surrounded by black railings and has steps up to the entrance.

Nearby there are some red telephone boxes. My couple were keen to have a photo here to get some "traditional London" into their wedding photos and I think it worked brilliantly. There were also huge doorways and Boris bikes and we had a bit of fun with those too!

Apparently this isn't the only 'spoons dripped in history! The Opera House in Royal Tunbridge, The Winter Gardens in Harrogate and the Royal Pavilion in Ramsgate are among many other Wetherspoons pubs that are worth a visit for their remarkable buildings.

This was such a fun wedding with a lovely couple. I loved being in London and taking in the sites.

Until my next visit....