A bride and groom kissing.  Their reflections in a pond in front of them and a stone pillar building behind them.
A new-born baby girl in a beige gingham romper, laying on a white duvet.
A large family photo.  7 adults and 4 children in a park smiling at the camera.


How many images are included?

I don't have a fixed number of images that I provide however...
Weddings - You will receive approximately 400+ digital images.

Family and Newborn - Approximately 50+ digital images

When will we receive our images?

I try to aim to get your images to you within 4-6 weeks. During wedding season it can take longer but trust me, you don't want them rushed. I put my heart into editing your images and making them perfect for you. However, I know you'll be excited to view your photos so I will give you some sneak peeks within 48 hours.

What should we wear for our family/newborn shoot?

This does depend on where and what time of year you plan on having photos taken. For a family shoot, I would recommend wearing similar colours so that you don't clash with each other. In summer, you could go light in pastels or nudes and in Autumn perhaps more autumnal colours like burgundy, mustard, dark green etc. You also won't want to be cold if your photos are outdoors. Hats can work well.
Above all else, something you are comfortable in and if you have any questions or want to discuss outfits, we can certainly do this before the shoot.
I also bring wraps and blankets to a Newborn shoot.

What if it rains?

If it is wet weather, we can either; embrace it and have fun with it - I'm thinking umbrellas and wellies! Or we can rearrange.
Obviously weddings can't be re-arranged but it is unlikely to rain all day so do not worry! And, if you're up for it, we can have fun in the rain!

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based in Surrey and South West London but I can cover the whole of the UK and beyond.
I absolutely love seeing the world and will definitely travel for love! I'm more than happy to discuss your plans and create a bespoke wedding package to accommodate your needs.

We are very shy. How will you put us at ease?

I won't pose you, I'll direct you. We can chat, laugh and you'll hardly remember I had a camera.

What does documentary style actually mean?

It means I capture the day as it happens. It's the story of your day. I capture the moments, the emotion, the things you might have forgotten or things you might have missed. Don't worry though, I'll get those all important group shots.

Do we have to feed you on our wedding day?

Yes please! It's a long day for us both and we'd love some grub to fuel us through the day. It is very much appreciated.

Can we have the Raw Files?

I'm afraid not. Raw files are huge and awkward to send. They also can only be viewed in software such Lightroom or Photoshop. They are also, as the name suggests, in their rawest form meaning I haven't yet put my editing stamp on them Therefore, they are not a true representation of my work.