Events and Other

Christmas mini shoots, Portraits, Halloween smoke bombs, milestone birthdays and much more...

A teenager sat in an American style diner booth holding a milkshake.
A teenager looking down at a milkshake in an American diner.
A teenager in a laundrette leaning against a washing machine.  A retro sign behind her. with
Sisters dressed in Christmas onesies, looking at eachother.
Brother, sister and black dog in Christmas hats, sitting on a blanket.
3 cousins in Christmas hats and jumpers laying on a blanket.
An alternatively dressed lady, leaning on a wall and holding a chihuahua.
A young girl in a Halloween costume surrounded by a smoke.
A makeup catalogue and make up brushes.
Black and white image of an elderly lady wearing a tiara and sash on her 100th birthday.
A lady in alternative clothing and sunglasses leaning against a tree.  The sun shining on her face.

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