Maternity and Newborn

A new-born baby girl dressed in a gingham romper holding her Mum's index fingers with each hand.
Close up of a new-born baby girl wrapped in pink cheese cloth, her hands by her chin.
A new-born baby girl in her dad's arms.  He looks lovingly at her.
A pregnant lady stands in a wooded area with her boyfriend.  They are facing each other, holding hands and kissing.
Black and white image of a Mum and Dad looking at their new-born.
A pregnant lady sits in front of her boyfriend on stone steps.
A new-born baby girl in a beige gingham romper laying on a white duvet.
A new-born baby dressed in white laying on a double bed, yawning.
New-born baby sleeping, wrapped in a dusky pink cheese cloth with her hands by her cheeks.
A pregnant lady, holding her bump with her partner's arms around her.  White blossom in the background.
A sleeping new-born baby in a white romper and pink headband
Black and white image of Dad's hand holding his new-born baby's feet
Dad, daughter, Mum and new-born baby sitting in a park smiling at the baby.
New-born baby boy laying on a blanket in the park, his older sister kissing him on the head.
A proud big sister, sitting on the grass holding her new-born baby brother.

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